It's the end of the world - what's in the grab bag?


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A 'How to Start Your Own World' instruction manual.
Maybe some egg sandwiches too.

Edit: Change that to strong Cheddar cheese and watercress with a touch of salt.
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If 6 Was 9
Don't Countdown on that, and you have 30 seconds.
He wouldn't last that long......;)
I suppose it depends on the definition of "End of the World". For a nuclear apocalypse the bag might contain things like iodine and water purification tablets, also wet wipes for wiping radiation off. But if it's something more serious, like Waitrose closing down, I'm not sure what an acceptable tofu substitute would be.


I was hoping she and I could repopulate the planet.
Of course it would be absolutely vital that our top government and military men be included to foster and impart the required principles of leadership and tradition. Naturally, they would breed prodigiously, eh? There would bemuch time, and little to do. But ah with the proper breeding techniques and a ratio of say, ten females to each male, I would guess that they could then work their way back to the present gross national product within say, twenty years."
- Dr Strangelove & President Merkin Muffley

"Doctor, you mentioned the ration of ten women to each man. Now, wouldn't that necessitate the abandonment of the so called monogamous sexual relationship, I mean, as far as men were concerned?"
"Regrettably, yes. But it is, you know, a sacrifice required for the future of the human race. I hasten to add that since each man will be required to do prodigious... service along these lines, the women will have to be selected for their sexual characteristics which will have to be of a highly stimulating nature"
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