ITV4 or Eurosport for TDF highlights?

ITV4 or Eurosport Highlights; which are best?

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ITV4 seem to be making an effort to explain what is going on in the race for the newbie and they seemed genuinely excited about the attack that the Astana team made today; i thought the guy commentating was going to wet himself :tongue: :?:

Eurosport, no Duffers on the couch and when the Astana team made the play there was nothing remotely like the ITV excitement.

What's the verdict?

Tim Bennet.

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Well, I'm afraid my vote was based on Hobson's Choice. I ditched Top Up TV when their Eurosport feed dwindled to almost nothing. So all I have is ITV4.

The Ligget & Sherwin Show sort of has a cozy familiarity to it. When they show highlights from races of twenty years ago you can see that not much has changed.

However there are a few things about the married couple which I dislike. They are quite partisan and I don't think they would ever bring themselves to come out unequivocally against doping. They always sort of fudge any comments they do make about it.


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I watched the Tour on ITV long before I took up cycling. It was that show that aroused my interest in the first place and I continue to enjoy it.


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As an aside, the German equivalents of BBC 1 and BBC2 have decided to abandon converage of the Tour until as such time as the doping scandals have been sorted. Sad day for the image of cycling.
I like Ligget's commentary style - more intersting and it sounds more informed and authoritative than the Eurosport highlights show. I know it's down to personal preference, but I even find myself nodding off whenever I watch the Eurosport version!


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I watch ITV simply for the Ligget and Sherwin Question time section, featuring today's very useful:
'I've noticed that Charlie Wegelius rides for agritubel, what do they do then - Dave from Shropshire (or wherever)'
'Well Dave, that's a good question. Charlie Wegelius rides for Liquigas, but they both wear green, so you're close. Agritubel make farming equipment. Thanks.'
Cheers for enlightening me. I have two questions for them - which researcher passed that email on to them, and why? Secondly, why would you email ITV sport, when you can quite easily google charlie wegelius and agritubel to find out the answer. The two of them remind me slightly of the grumpy hecklers from the muppets (albeit more enthusiastic).
Secondly, I enjoy the section that I'm now dubbing: 'The Erection Section'. You know the bit - where Chris Boardman needlessly wears lycra, cycles the final 50 minutes of the course at 2 miles an hour, simply so that we can see his new range of bikes and cycling gear. Needless.

But, i have to say the highlights are much better than Eurosports, despite the strange interludes and at least the team get excited throughout (today's Astana breakaway, whenever Tom Boonen gets near the front, whenever the Brits pick their noses). Also, it's perfect tea time viewing.


Do I have a different ITV4 to everyone else? I can't bear it. The cliche generator that feeds into Sherwin and Ligett drives me mad. And then there's the adverts, loads of them and on for ages followed by the ridiculous q and a sessions. Eurosport has many faults but Kelly adds more 'professional' insight than Sherwin and at least they concentrate on the days action.

I was a fan of the Ligett Sherwin combo on C4 but it's just painful now.

Mr Phoebus

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Liggett was almost sitting on Sherwin's lap the other night. :laugh::girl::smile:

I'm happy with the ITV coverage, but the adverts :tongue::idea:!:?: Walls Magnum :biggrin: and that 'Norwich Union' demented drowning gargling crap :smile::idea:!:laugh:


SamNichols said:
where Chris Boardman needlessly wears lycra, cycles the final 50 minutes of the course at 2 miles an hour, simply so that we can see his new range of bikes and cycling gear.

It's a tad amusing really. Chris isn't as, um, lean as he used to be either :tongue:

The bike is taped so it's anybodies guess what it is... but I'm guessing it'll be the new Halfo... sorry, 'Boardman' one.
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