I've got a cunning plan (Southern Black Forest)...

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I'll be going off on an interview in a couple of weeks to somewhere the other side of yonder beyond nowhere, so much so that they're nicely saying I can have an afternoon interview to get there in time.

The problem with this, of course, is that it means I can't get back in the same day: I'd end up arriving at some unchristian hour of the next morning.

Now, I'd be taking the Xtracycle anyway, because it's handy to have transport between station and interview location, and the Xtracycle has lots of luggage capacity. So I'm wondering: instead of rushing back, I could ride into the very beautiful hills, wild camp overnight, and ride to another railway station the next morning after a mini tour.


I could catch a train to Zell im Wiesental, then ride about 15k to Todtmoos. I think there's a route along much of the old railway for that section. If I aim to stop overnight as far north of Todtmoos, as possible, then ride over the peak to Feldberg the next day, that'd be about 35k in total with 850m climbing, or I could go to the main line in Neustadt, which would be about 50k, but the last 15 would mainly be downhill and would save changing trains in Neustadt. The climb sounds murderous, but the short ride could compensate for that, right?

Exciting new cycling and some interesting train riding sounds good to me. Also the youth hostel in Feldberg is looking for staff, so I could check that too...

I'd really like to catch the train to Villingen-Schwenningen, and ride from there because it would be a mostly downhill imperial century, but with the near 900m climb in my legs I think that would be pushing it a bit.

It's a long shot I know but does anyone know the southern Black Forest and cycling opportunities therein?


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Sounds like a plan :bicycle: :becool:

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A nice trip if the weather is good.
You'll make the hill somehow.
But if you get the job, how will you get there?


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I rode Shaffhausen to Offenburg pretty much as the crow flies in July 2016. Quite lumpy but I was coming from Switzerland which was lumpier. Camped wild. IIRC it was quite warm so didn't pitch the tarp.

Loads of motorhomes. Lovely scenery. Friendly people there (but I was coming from Switzerland.) Vowed to go back with the wife and caravan sometime.
A nice trip if the weather is good.
You'll make the hill somehow.
But if you get the job, how will you get there?
What job?

Oh, yes, I'm doing an interview pre-ride...

So easy to forget minor details when there's a chance of a tour...

The plan, if I get a good offer, would be to find somewhere (one room flat, caravan, strategically placed hole in the ground) to live for the first 3-6 months. This is a 'trial period' in Germany where either side can stop the contract at short notice. After that, if things are working we can start moving the family and looking for an apartment, because I'd have to make a pretty big mistake to be kicked out after that.
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