I've had it with Blondes


Dave5N said:
Well done, Baggy. It was.

The latest is easy, but remember, no Googlecheating! Memories and physical collections only.
Ok, if it's that easy, I'll be first in the queue to kick myself.


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I half recognised it, and have got the album, but for some reason got a U2 song in my head, so I had to google. So I cheated.


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A great album because of 3 standout tracks.

Just like a good album can have no standout tracks.

And a bad album is only bought by fans


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The Young Soul Rebel said:
Its Love, from Forever changes. Alone AGain Or. The title one is CUd.
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"Yeah, said it's alright"

Was indeed the first ine from 'Alone Again. Or.' Love, not The Damned, first.

Time for a new one.
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