I've won the lottery!!!!!

I wasn't going to go public but......

On another note I know the price is £2 now and the jackpots aren't as big as they said they would be but £25 is a far more significant sum than a tenner......


Did they offer to put you in touch with a Financial Advisor to help you deal with this life changing experience? It would be the sensible thing to do.


25 quid here last night too..
i had 5 numbers in 2008 and got £1150.. which after watching my numbers all trot out in order was a real anti climax. Bonus ball was ONE NUMBER OFF too had a nice weekend away with the winnings
Well I've squangered it on the tool bag (only wanted the bag) a Co2 pump and breakfast at Subway after little-un's 8.30 swimming lesson.....
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