James cracknell bike crash



His old team-mate Steve Redgrave smashed his face in on a RAAM attempt recently.


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My brother who lives in Michigan says the USA is too damned dangerous for road cycling. He reckons you'll get killed by a dozy female texting while driving her SUV or a redneck in a pickup with a rifle across the back window will run you off the road.

I never cease to be amazed at those videos you see on TV of American Police officers narrowly avoiding being hit by vehicles that smash into the car they have just stopped by the roadside. What hope would a cyclist have?


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Sad to hear this news, big respect for James, he's achieved some phenomenal things. Sounds like he's recovering speedily, which is encouraging news.


Mark Beaumont was knocked off his bike in Louisiana on his ROW trip

There's about 30'000 road deaths per year in USA compared to 3000 in the UK, their population isn't 10x the UK's

They have 55mph highways which are straight as an arrow.

Guess they're just crap drivers.


According to the BBC he got hit from behind by an HGV which sounds horrendous and ludicrously dangerous driving.

I hope the US police take these things more seriously than ours :sad:


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Time for this old chesnut to reappear!

"When the truck's wing mirror hit me on the back of the head some of the impact was absorbed by my helmet," he said, going on to say that had his helmet not done so, he would have been killed.

Glad he's OK and hopefully he will make a full recovery!
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