As some of you know, the school where I work has started a club restoring bikes and getting the kids exercising more using a turbo! It's been really successful but the site supervisor suggested that the kids might buy into it even more if we had our own kit that the kids designed...

Just wanting any advice about sourcing kit, is it going to be a ludicrous cost???

Any advice, more than welcome!

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T shirts are cheapest of course, easy to do, affordable and most people will wear a T.
Proper kit costs though, but does get cheaper with increasing numbers. Could you get a sponsor?



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Jerseys are quite expensive to get made up due to the extra stitching and printing. The cheapest places I have seen were Imp Sport (I think they were called) and another which I think were chinese in origin that someone mentioned on here. Imp were about £35 a jersey.

You could get Ts made up as already said. A more technical fabric probably shouldnt cost the earth over cotton either, and sublimation printing should still be an option.


We have some experience with jerseys - we've bought about several '000s in the last 6 years for the MacRide Events - a few comments:

1 After a false start in year 1 with a UK company we now buy from owayo (see above) - manufactured in Germany and delivered in about 3 weeks.
2 Price isn't everything BUT we found all actual ( i.e. not just agents) UK manufacturers - incl Impsport - to be expensive.
3 Beware of stonking price offers from China or the Indian sub-continent .... we are aware of bait-and-switch activity (send a sample that's OK but delivery a poor quality product from manufacture) - there is also the "Nike issue" with the worker conditions that may or not be - and they usually demand payment up front.
4 Many of the UK based suppliers are merely agents for overseas suppliers, making a healthy margin from your order - and have lengthy lead times - AND want payment up front.
5 Sizes - make sure you get a set of size samples to check before placing an order - invariably the supplier's sizes are much smaller than UK expectations (we re-label our jerseys from oway one size smaller than they say!)
6 Sponsorship works - our jerseys (see my avatar) are fully-funded by the logo sponsors - that means that, in our case, every penny of the sale price (a competitive £34.50 this year) goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.

If cost is priority, what about cheapish t-shirts and then get iron on transfers made up and the kids could even get involved in making them?
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