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What a gesture. I did a couple while I was doing jury duty. One was a cartoon scene but cleverly the jigsaw picture was from a different perspective than the box cover picture, which made it quite challenging. I think it was 1000 pieces.

The annoyance is always when you finish a jigsaw and there's one piece missing. Everybody searches for it and eventually it turns up stuck to somebody's sock, then that person is blamed for hiding it.


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Looks like some of the images on the picture would be interesting - might spend as much time looking at those as doing the jigsaw.

I always start with the corners & edges.
Definitely the corners & edges first. Looks like I did a tricky bit as they were neither!

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I've got a Haynes Manual jigsaw of the Apollo lander which is very interesting. Also, the Ravensburger brand are good quality and have all sorts of designs.


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I do lots of jigsaws, probably one to two per month. i can sometimes complete one over a weekend, some are an absolute bugger and take many evenings!
This is one I did last week, it was an easy/ fast one given the colours and "smaller pictures" kind of format.


I've failed to complete just one, it was the space shuttle taking off against a night sky, that was almost literally all white or blue / black pieces. Impossible!


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@ianrauk is a prolific Jigsaw master !


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Without hijacking this thread...... how do you mount a completed puzzle??
We have a nice, completed one. It is sat on a coffee table.
How do I slide that and stick it to a board so as to hang it??


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Cover it with cling film first Dave, then first slide a sheet of paper under it while still on the table so that you can then slide the whole thing off the table onto a sheet of cardboard... it could still go horribly wrong [and has!]
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Talk me through this and humour me.
It is sat on a heavy coffee table.
I cover it with cling film so it wont fall apart. Good idea that, thanks.
Do I then upturn it onto the floor?
How do I then glue it to the board?
Make sure you video it to give us all a laugh.

You might even make £200, or whatever it is, by sending it to Harry Hill.
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