John Higgins the snooker player!!! Bye bye son. Your careers dead


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what a muppet :biggrin:


Seriously though! I've met him a few times and he's a decent wee guy (or I thought he was). He was lucky enough to have a talent at a game (I'll not say sport) when there was serious money kicking about. He is a muli millionaire and has all the trappings. Why would he even think about this! He won 3 world championships and would be remembered as a great player. Not in the Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry mould but still a great player.

Now though he will only be known as a cheating, greedy wee b*stard. Why would someone do that other than sheer greed. How much is enough????

There is no way back from that. Not like being caught taking drugs like others or sh*gging about like John Terry where they can claim a moment of weakness. For the rest of his life everyone who he ever meets him or knows him will just see him as a cheating wee shite.

Different scenario but the same way any decent person can never, despite everything he has achieved in the game look at Frank Rijkaard without thinking of him as a fly, sneaky, shite, scumbag the time he spat on Rudi Voller during the world cup. Some things just never go away!


I'm in no way excusing him but he's taking money to lose frames, not matches.
How is that different to wrestling? Other than the obvious differences.


longers said:
I'm in no way excusing him but he's taking money to lose frames, not matches.
How is that different to wrestling? Other than the obvious differences.
I see what you mean and it's always only the 3rd or 4th frame but still it's cheating for his own gain and that is wrong. Not killing anyone but it just then throws doubt over every game he's played. Everyone would agree the defeat over Steve Davis was a shock so was it legit??? Did he earn from that etc........

when you start that nonsense and get caught it just ruins everything credibility wise with. No smoke without fire and all that!


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I don't care if he's fixing frames of matches, he deserves to be banned for life from the sport for this. He's had an MBE for ****s sake! I used to have a lot of respect for the guy as well, thats all gone now and there's nothing he can do about it. What else has he been paid to throw away?

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Almost unbelievable. Greed is a powerful motivator. I can almost understand how a low-earning second rater would be tempted but for the World no.1 with a huge bank balance it is impossible for him to get out of this.
Will the police get involved?


What an utter div. Why though did NoW target him? Was he known previously for this sort of thing, or did NoW just get "lucky"?

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Greed is wierd in that it doesn't seem to abate even in a case like this where the bloke has probably got more money than he could ever have imagined when he was just starting out.


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Greed is just greed full stop. For some people they can never have enough.

Anyone remember the Guinness and Blue Circle trials years ago? Multi millionaires who had enough money to retire and never have to lift another finger, yet they could resist just that little bit more.

As someone said to me years ago, "where there's money there's always a fiddle."

Can he actually be banned though, it seems as if he hasn't actually admited to throwing a match, just agreeing in principle to do it? I suppose it would all depend on the WSA's rules. Even if they tried some smart arse lawyer would argue that they thought they were dealing with some dangerous gangsters and just said what ever they had to as they were scared, "we would never have actually gone through with it, honest guv!"

I've been a Davis fan since he won his first world title, but the first thing I said to my missus when he took the big lead against Higgins was, "is this a fix?" unfortunately.

Still it's nice to know that we have those paragons of virtue at the NOTW to protect the morals of the nation, what goes through a journalist's mind when they dream up these ideas to trap someone in a set up like this? I expect those nice and genteel journalists involved will be scarred for life being exposed to such corruption, especially as they were forced to travel all that way on expenses.
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