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Hi all
I'm 22 from Leeds and I've been cycling for years on and off, I love the tour de france and I've got to say Lance Armstrong is a massive inspiration to me and always has been (yea I know yawn!!) but its true :biggrin:

I'm a real novice at cycling I always just go out on my own on whatever peice of rubbsih I've got at the time, mainly as a work out but I do love being on the bike.

My main aim at the minute is to get fit and healthy (I'm a regular runner as wel) as although I'm not shy to exercise I'm not shy on the portion sizes either ;)

Long term I'm going travelling in November so I'll be seeing the world, I'm going to try and cycle where I can although it's not going to be that practical with a massive bag etc. I'm hoping to do a 3 week organised trip from Saigon to Hanoi (anyone any experience of these trips...surprisingly their websites are full of 5 star comments :ohmy: so they sound good).

Then when I hit USA I'm hoping to cycling from San Francisco to New York/Boston! Trying to get a 6 month visa so I can really take my time over it and enjoy explore where I can but again anyone got any experience of this would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on pretty much following the TransAm route, but I've heard pro's and cons of this. I've no idea where to start in terms of organising the route though :S

Anyway that's me in a nutshell. I'm currently working my arse off for the devil in a call centre trying to save up as much as possible and exercise as and when I can.

Hope some of you can help with my trip




We've got a touring forum if you want to start a thread in there - I'm sure others will be interesting in your trip idea, and may even be able to offer advice on do's and don'ts etc.

Shaun :biggrin:


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Hi, welcome to the site. There are people who know lots of things so someone should be able to help you. Good luck with your plans and enjoy the rides
worldtourjon said:
I'm hoping to do a 3 week organised trip from Saigon to Hanoi (anyone any experience of these trips...surprisingly their websites are full of 5 star comments :smile: so they sound good).

Hope some of you can help with my trip Thanks Jon

Hello Worldtourjon and welcome to the site! ;)

Having done a fair bit of travelling myself, your plans sound very good!

If I were you, though, I'd be inclined to plan an independant trip in Vietnam.

You will save yourself a lot of money (instead of lining someone else's pocket).

It is a cheap country, although it is becoming more commercialised, as the locals (friendly as they are) have got a taste of money and see westerners as easy targets to rid of their cash (I'm talking about the people in touristy areas, not the locals or ordinary people).

There is a very good bus and train network throughout the country and cheap domestic flights, as well.

There are plenty of places to stop off en route, and you should definitely have a look at Ha Long Bay in the far north east. One of our forumers here, Keith Oates (whom I met there a few years ago) used to live there and will probably be very helpful if you ask him nicely.

Once you're on the road, you'll soon find people to travel with and you'll see far more by being independant instead of going organised!

Enjoy your travels - by bike or otherwise! :biggrin:


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Hello Jon from Leeds, I'm Cathryn from Leeds. Welcome to the forum. Hope you're surviving cycling on the worst streets in Britain! Shocking, aren't they. You may well see me around Leeds on a blue Thorn. Small girl, dark hair. And pulling a baby in a trailer...thus going VERY slowly at all times!!


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I live South Leeds (Beeston) on TOP of the hill so it's an easy start and horrid finish :smile: The roads are horrible having lived in Newcastle for 3 years where you can cycle to the coast in 8 miles along a big open coast road, and then up and down the coast from there, or the other way into Northumberland Countryside it's quite un inspiring!
Also my ex lived in Bristol and there was a really nice and easy cycle route between Bristol and Bath...

Does anyone know quiet road around South Leeds that I can just open up on and not have to worry about being on busy roads?

I don't have a car so it's going to have to be biking to these places. Anywhere North Leeds means coming through Leeds first which is really not pleasant! I just end up going round my local woods (middleton woods) but that gets a bit repetative.

Any Ideas?!?

P.s Cathryn I'll keep an eye out...your clearly very brave...or mad :smile:


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Potentially both.

No, I don't know of any decent escape routes through South Leeds. It seems like unbroken sprawl once you're south of the M621, which is why I usually head north. Miserable, isn't it.

Do say hello if you see us! You'll easily catch us up.


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Hi Jon,

Welcome to the forum.

You might try heading into Leeds and picking up the cycle route that goes east/west along the canal towpath and river.

You can pick it up from the canal basin.

West is all towpath and you can get out of Leeds to Bingley and even Skipton and Gargrave if you feel up to it.
East will take you out to Methley and Castleford. That may not sound too promising but in fact, it's a nice ride.



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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums jon. :sad:


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@worldtourjon, I live in South Leeds, a bit further out than you. I head west and east quite a lot, as you say north requires riding through the city which is PITA and with the Pennines to the west which IMO are better than the Dales it's not worth it. That said I ride very long distance, my last ride was 260 miles so do often find myself coming through Leeds.

Often I avoid the city by coming down from Wetherby via Bramham, Aberford to Castleford then west via Methley and Rothwell to East Ardsley and Tingley.


Hello jon,
I'm in Bramley/Armley and sadky I don't know any easy ways through from the south. The best I can do is echo those who say pick up the canal then go E or W. It's a lovely ride from my part of the world to Saltaire etc. :-)


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It's a brill ride to Saltaire and then on to Five Rise Locks .

And with all the walkers out it will be a nice slow pace .


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Hi Jon

I too try to avoid cycling through south Leeds due to the tendency of the road system to always try to dump everything onto busy dual carriageways. Fortunately, it is easy for me to get to the fun hills to the north from Bramley.

In the past to get to Sheffield whilst avoiding really major roads and motorway junctions, I have riden down the west side of Leeds to Morley then taken the A6029 which after crossing the A653 quickly takes you onto quite pleasant back roads between Leeds and Wakefield. You should find quieter roads to the east from here or if you want to go further afield, crossing Wakefield isn't too arduous and the countryside is then pretty good to the south.
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