Juh know what I really like above all else..

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WATER - over any other liquid of choice makes me wonder how anyone can drink tea and stuff as in work...

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
That depends on the situation Yenners, I find that on the bike water alone doesn't do it for me on long rides in the hot weather and I need one of the sports drinks to keep going!!


New Member
Whereas personally, I'm not that bothered about water. If a jug is sitting in front of me in a training course, I'll put away a couple of litres every couple of hours (and sprint to the loo at every break), but unless someone puts it in my hand, I'd rather have a coffee. Not a million coffees all day and night, and also I don't really drink tea very often at all. But if I'm thirsty at home I'd rather go for milk or OJ....


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Bury, Lancashire
I like rooibos with rice milk. It's not really 'tea', but looks the part and is a nice hot drink. I think I prefer rice milk to cow's milk too, especially as a hot drink before bed. Mmm!

I like putting a few drops of lime juice in water, it seems even more refreshing somehow.

I still really like a good strong black coffee, made in the stove top pot or in the Gaggia machine, (nicer than filter coffee) but I woudn't want to drink it all day. One or two is definitely enough!

rich p

ridiculous old lush
I love tea. Assam particularly but many others too - ear grey, lapdog shoepong, jasmine to name but a few. On the bike I prefer weak squash (pink grapefruit) to water.
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