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Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by Tony, 23 Jul 2007.

  1. Tony

    Tony New Member

    Critical Mass in London this Friday, starting from the National Film Theatre under Waterloo Bridge, 1830 for 1900.
  2. mmoo

    mmoo New Member

    Critical Mass in Manchester as well this Friday, meet at Central Library 18:00 (although there's usually plenty of milling about time). Am picking up a new powered sub woofer soon :biggrin: and hoping to give it a run out if I can work out how to keep the rain off it.
  3. Pete

    Pete Guest

    I hope to be there, weather, my back, and level of Old Father Thames permitting! Actually this last shouldn't be a problem, meeting time will be at low tide - I hope!
  4. OP

    Tony New Member

    And you were, and it were a good evening's fun!
  5. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Yes, I made it there. I had a quite rewarding ride up to the meeting place, relieved that my back is giving me a let-off for the moment after all my whingeing (thanks to those who asked). I rode up the by no means trivial climbs into Outwood and then Bletchingley - at the end of the latter one of my feet was in agony with something between cramp and a pulled muscle perhaps, but the pain eased off later. After that I was in no state to cycle up the hairpin bend of Hilltop Lane into Chaldon, so I walked it, as I'd planned to anyway. Actually 'limped' is a better word than 'walked' but nevertheless I got there. I'd allowed 5 hours for the 45 into London but did it in 4 - about my normal pace despite the walk. Perhaps things are looking up. :thumbsup:

    As for the CM itself: much already written up elsewhere. It was a good one, went on a new route, stayed true to its main aim of being about cycling, about being seen as cyclists. As Tony said, very little Trusta nonsense at the junctions: there was one guy who started - alone - with the bike-waving-in-air stuff. Then he looked around, noticed no-one else was joining in, and rather sheepishly lowered his bike to the ground. That's the sort of CM it was. And, of course, can't pass without a mention for Beatrix, who did us proud.

    And several of us gathered for the customary meal afterwards. :thumbsup:
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