Junctions and RABs - dangerous impatience

I have noticed more and more that at junctions and a couple of RABs I regularly cycle, cars waiting to get on, whilst they seem to see me in time (90% of the time) they creep onto the road or the RAB.

I take a strong primary around junctions and on RABs, in order to maximise my safety, but that seems to invite cars to creep into the space on my left, and on a RAB hat is the very space I will suddenly occupy if I hit a diesel slick, if I simply cornered a bit too fast, or in these current conditions I could be caught by a gust of wind.

Car drivers really really need to be taught to prenten that motor/bikes take up the same amount of room as cars do. Grr.

Today was a prime example. A nob in a Saab came screaming off the sliproad from the dual carriageway, spotted me and braked. I was already on the RAB and being overtaken by a car intent on my inside, and I was doing 25mph in the wet! Mr Saab-butface did the (now usual) start to accelerate before I get there to take up the road that is left clear on my left from me being in primary!!!! I jammed on the brakes and came to a (fairly dangerous) stop and he stopped two, I couldn't turn in more because of the undertaking car. The car behind me swerved to my left and nearly hit Mr Saab-butface. Then both drivers shouted abuse at me as if it was my fault!

If Mr Saab-butface had waited for 1 second longer to start accelerating he wouldn't have scared me into stopping, and if Mr Poostain hadn't been following me so closely he could have stopped easily! When Mr Saab-butface threatened to run me over if I didn't get out of the way, I offered to re-model his genitalia in order to make him less prone to random outbursts of testosterone fuelled brutishness. But he blanched at my offer without me even having to cut his testicles off, so saved me a bit of hassle, and even said sorry to me.

Mr Poostain had simply reversed and screeched away from the scene, giving me the fingers as he left.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Nasty situation JRC, glad there was now serious grief because of it. This thing happens a lot out here as well and I tell the locals that in the UK cars and trucks don't do this. I'm wrong again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anyone emergency stopping at 25mph without apparent reason in primary is going to antagonise following vehicles

and a primary that invites others to pass inside it isn't primary in my world


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Too many nobs out there, got overtaken on a mini RAB last night. I was in the middle of the road, and yer typical chav in a Corsa went over the RAB and forced me out of the way. Then you get stared and gestured at.


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Jacomus-rides-Gen said:
they creep onto the road or the RAB.

Yep, and apparantly have no idea as to where the front of their vehicle is?

Noticed (More since I started cycling) the amount of drivers who seem to think that at a light controlled junction the stop line is either advisory or a position for their front wheels.

My 'cage' position is further away from the lights. I prefer to stop in a position where the stop line has just gone from vision due to the front of the bonnet. So probably I'm stopping 4" before the line.
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