Just another morning in Glasgow

It was just on the stv news but they didn't really say much other than a women has been killed and a man has been taken to hospital with stab wounds. They hinted that they could be self inflicted (in the case of the man) and perhaps the woman worked in the shop but the Strathclyde polis were unwilling to comment.


Greedo said:
Shops 2 mins from my office and regulary use it.


Mate has just told me as he works in the RBS next to this shop that apparently, the woman was the manager in and an ex partner came in , stabbed her to death then tried to do away with himself. Supposedly two workies were in when it happened also, saw the whole thing. World's mad!
Bloody hell, I used to work a few mins walk from there - on Argyle St. But St Enoch's has that East End feel despite being smack in the middle.


User1314 said:
Got into Central Station at 1pm.

Caught the 1.15ish from Queen Street to Maryhill. Meeting at the Science Park there.

Back into Glasgow for 3.30. No lunch so trying to find a nice quiet cafe/bar where I could have a snack and make a phone call. So I was just walking around, not really knowing the place. I did retrace my steps a couple of times.

Ended up sitting outside a ubiquitous cafe opposite the Gallery of Modern Art. Making the call whilst kicking away the pigeons and admiring that man on the horse statue outside the gallery. The one with the traffic cone on his head.

Oh right you were in Royal Exchange Square.

That murder happened a bit further down in StEnoch square whis is a bit of a dump. Where you were was alright. My office is right around the corner. I could have walked past you ;)
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