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just put the seat up

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by alecstilleyedye, 19 Jan 2008.

  1. alecstilleyedye

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Staff Member

    on my commuter bike. only when i used the summer bike last week (p fairy had visited overnight) did i realize that the seat was about 5mm too low, but i could feel the difference. hopefully doing it will spare me from sore knees.
  2. Maz

    Maz Guru

    It's amazing how much difference the seat height can make.
    Lucky you having more than 1 bike! xx(
  3. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    yep, higher is better broadly speaking, it's great when you get used to the right height
  4. OP

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Staff Member

    i thought i was somewhat impoverished with just the three… xx(
  5. Abitrary

    Abitrary New Member

    1mm is a big difference, let alone 5mm. I noticed the same thing on my bike recently, why it felt tiring to ride on the hoods, and was always reverting to the tops.

    Banged it up by about 3mm, leveled the seat forward about a degree, and voila, a whole new bike
  6. Maz

    Maz Guru

    Three! How dyou get away with it? My wife'd kill me if I got another bike. She's still waiting for me to pull my finger out and get the house extension sorted - not waste the cash on another 'silly bike'.
  7. OP

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Staff Member

    stealth. "other bike" was bought at the same time as hers, "summer bike" was grudgingly allowed as i rode a road bike when we first met. winter bike came along after full groupset upgrade of summer bike left me with spare bits to put on an old frame. sold her the line about how you can't go riding in a group (club run) in wet conditions without 'guards. sort of true, but i've yet to ride it on a club run.
  8. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    There's still room for a MTB Alecs, you'll need to get the thinking cap on to 'sweeten' the wife with that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OP

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Staff Member

    other bike is a mountain bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. bianco

    bianco New Member

    I feel quite lucky, my Mrs allows me the privelige of 5 bikes!

    I do pay for them all myself, have no kids, but the secret is to get her cycling and appreciate the mechanics.

    She understands I have a winter training bike so my expensive road bike doesn't get ruined. She understands I have a mountain bike to go offroad. She understands I have a fixed gear road bike to increase supplety and blah-dee-blah.

    I don't think a lot of men realise women can understand if you explain the mechanics behind why........

  11. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    OK, but there must be one that you need, as many have said in the past the perfect number of bikes is at least one more then you've got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. OP

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Staff Member

    i don't have a full carbon roadie, that would be next on the wishlist.
  13. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    It is amazing the difference - my best bike was a couple of mm higher than the trainer or mtb, and was noticed after commuting on the MTB for a while....

    I've got three bikes, but all were in my ownership before I got married 12 years ago. I do have permission to get another bike as well, but that will be in a couple of years after loans are paid off and I've saved some cash for one. I've spent a bit in the last year renewing chain rings, chains, sprockets and wheels - so that will keep the bikes happy for a good while.

    The next bike in the Household will be for my son - he has started to out grow his first bike - birthday in November and I'm thinking about an Islabike for him.
  14. Lord of the Teapot

    Lord of the Teapot New Member

    * Refrains from mentioning his 6 plus cycles *

    After all, you can only be on one at a time