Kajsa Tylen: The Billie Dovey 81 miles a day progress thread

Discussion in 'Time Trial, Long Distance and Endurance' started by Mugshot, 14 Jan 2016.

  1. It looks like Alicia faltered a bit on Saturday, logging only 33.3 km. This bumped up her required rate to match Kajsa from 201km/day to 213. She bounced back yesterday with a 236km day so her asking rate is now 211 km/day with 13 days to go.

    Caveat that not only are these figures reliant on my dodgy maths, but they are also reliant on Strava reporting monthly totals correctly. As emerged during Kajsa's year, Strava is not 100% reliable on this count.
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  2. My money's on Alicia making it at the moment. She can probably let the daily required total go up as high as 350-400km if she's prepared to put in a really big effort on the last day. She's done a couple of 300km plus days already this month.

    Of course, she may be entirely unaware of this drama, which may be entirely a figment of my spreadsheets.
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  3. deptfordmarmoset

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    Did Emily Chappell talk her into doing that?
  4. Yes. (Or so I infer from Kajsa's FB posts a few months ago.)
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  5. tallliman

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    Kajsa's reasoning makes complete sense to me. It must be very hard to motivate yourself to go back to a place that wasn't always happy.

    (Sometimes I wish I was better at expressing myself!)
  6. Kajsa has just launched her website sweatpledge.com
    It seems to be a place where you can put down a marker for your targets, post updates, and stuff like that. Interesting to see where it goes.
  7. She's also keen to build a "community" out of it.
    Ever heard of My Peak Challenge? My sister's doing very well with that.
  8. Aravis

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    The other day I contacted Kajsa for the first time in ages. The exchange reminded me that after four months I still hadn't found time to have a proper look at her website, which is a very poor effort on my part.

    As a place to record aspirations and objectives in a format where they can be easily referred to, it looks very useful. I've entered a couple - one short term, one much longer - which I've been carrying in my head. The site looks good but did feel a bit lonely, and adding to the activity can only help.
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  10. My impression is that much of the 'community' interactions and encouragements etc are happening on the Facebook page/group.
  11. Kajsa got an award from the Audaxers. Funny, cos she never struck me as an audaxy person. I think she came from a triathlon / IronPerson background didn't she? Anyway, she's certainly popularised (populised? publicised? you know what I mean) long distance riding, so fair play.

    View: https://twitter.com/yearinthesaddle/status/927210618825904128
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  12. tallliman

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    Yeah, she's done a couple of iron man challenges. Not sure what the collective noun is!
  13. Aravis

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  14. tallliman

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    Superb talk from a truly inspirational lady!
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