Keep the noise down at table 12

You know how it is, you go into your favourite Cafe for a cup of tea and a slice of cake while sharing a bit of banter or a joke.

And there in the corner at table 12 are a bunch of rowdy folks arguing over where in London you can cycle. Over 600 posts and I doubt that anyone has changed anybody elses opinion on the matter.

About time they all went to the pub (The Cat & Dog Arms) to continue.

Cheddar George

oober member
I can hear the sound of eyebrows being furrowed and general tut tutting from over near the hat stand.
Someone has just complained that the Juke Box is too loud, and they do not like the music. :whistle: Is the café free of piped music?
Well, there's a bunch of people who play loud music here on Friday nights on thier gramaphones, but I like to sit and visualise a full orchestra playing a bit of Bach. Sometimes I may even hum it, although quietly so I don't get any strange looks.
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