keith oates is @ 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I've just come home from a few beers and some first class sea food. I may be the first to 1000 but for sure I will not be the last. Keep posting lads and lasses it will keep all of us happy but in particular a certain Admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shouldn't he be a wrinkley member?
Would 'Tiddles' like a saucer of milk with his dinner tonight?



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Already? This forum's been in existence for a matter of hours and he's made 1000 posts! There's porn on the internet if you start looking! (allegedly)
Arch said:
When you go to go home, you'll find the sky full of hovercars..
You'll never get Bonj in one of those. Deathtraps the lot of 'em!


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keep typing keith! Well done.:biggrin:

I have to admit that I am somewhat of a forum junky, here is my (RGR) post count from my other board:

Top Posters
Tom Mix - 23552 posts
Silversmith - 19900 posts
RGR - 17352 posts
GAWZDigitalUnderground - 17002 posts
gonzo - 15594


Mr Phoebus

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alecstilleyedye;37512][quote name= said:
domtyler'' said:
So what happened? Everything still feels and looks the same.

Ah, you THINK that, because the timeshift happened so quickly. When you go to go home, you'll find the sky full of hovercars..
and you're next miss… ;)[/QUOTE]
Only if you stay out of the word association thread!
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