Kevlar Tyres

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  1. Wester

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    How do you know if a tyre is a Kevlar tyre or not does it have some features that other tyres do not have ?
  2. Hacienda71

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    The kevlar Hutchinson tyres I used for a while for commuting said kevlar on them. They are supposed to be super p***ture resistant. I don't recall any issues with them. They were not as grippy or as light as the Michelins Pro3Race tyres that I use on my roadbike at present, but certainly were a lot harder wearing as you would expect.
  3. e-rider

    e-rider crappy member

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    if it has a wire bead, then it's not kevlar
  4. RecordAceFromNew

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    Kevlar is generally used in two different applications on tyres. It is commonly used for bead construction on folding (as opposed to wire bead) tyres, which has nothing to do with puncture protection, that simply makes tyres lighter as well as foldable.

    The other purpose is of course puncture protection. Interestingly it is not necessarily the best puncture protection - Schwalbe e.g. use a thick layer of special rubber on their Marathon Plus, their top puncture protection tyre. Kevlar is lighter though.

    You might be interested in the discussion here.
  5. The tyres that came with my Subway 1 a couple of years back said Kevlar on them and I don't think they were the folding type. Cracking tyres they were too. I looked around to get some more (hoping they would be cheaper than M+) but couldn't find anywhere that actually sold them.
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