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Dan Ferris

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I’m looking to buy a double trailer to tow the kids around in. I’m looking on eBay and wanted to check here first re how they fit. It looks like a lot of the trailers are designed to fit through a bolt into the frame but the bikes I’ll be using all have quick release skewers. This may sound like a very basic question but would these still fit with the QR skewer? My assumption (and I’ve made these before which turn out to be wrong) is :

quixk release out
Trailer connector into position
Quick release back in

any previous experience would be very helpful. I can grab photos from eBay if my description makes no sense



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yep. Thats how my trailer fitted. You should have no problems with it. I never did.


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Have a little look to see if your drop out where you plan to connect the trailer to has a lip around it, mine does.
No big disaster though you can just get a little adaptor to hold the trailer hitch a little further from the frame to stop it fouling it, you might need a longer qr skewer for it, but again, no big deal! I think SJS stock them all.

Tom B

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I have to he trailer pictured above.

The chap I bought it off said it sometimes came loose on a QR. I have never had an issue but do mainly use it with security qr skewer.

I have had it on my hybrid, FS MTB (which upset Halfords) and hire hardtail. On the hire bike I had to add some washers on the hire bike due to a lump on the drop out.

I generally leave the tow bar link on the bike without issue. My problem is loosing the damn lock pins while stored.
Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I've not yet purchased one, we are heading down to the New Forest in a week and a bit time where we are going to test one out down there. Knowing my luck within 5 minutes of sitting in it they'll both want to get out!
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