Kiwi Bikers LEJOG Need help!!


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New to all this. Think I've posted in the wrong place. We are travelling to the UK to do LeJog (bucket list or madness???) Maybe both!! Desperately trying to find a place in London where we can hire touring bikes? Or better to buy bikes there? Thought of taking bikes, but on a round trip via USA, UK, SA, AUS and back to NZ so could be a bit of a issue. Few more issues with regards to this trip, but need to get bikes sorted first. Intend to set out 1 July. Any help or suggestions would be gr8.
I have some friends coming over from NZ in May who are going to do some light touring in France

Hiring did not seem to be a good option so they are going to buy second hand in London

Someone on here suggested a place in Edinburgh - be a lot of faffing about but as you would have to sort of pass the place going north or south might be worth a look


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Edinburgh not really an option. Due to travel dates we kinda limited time wise once we arrive in the UK. Going to use Bike aventure outfit to organise trip. Leave 1 July and if all goes well be in Glasgow 10 July. (Trying to organise storage here for bikes for a week also appears to be a hassle). We take a week out here as we catch up with friends in Edinburgh and then head to St Andrews to the British Golf open and then hopefull back on bikes from Glasgow the 20th. Any ideas or suggestions round here will be good. Think I might have 64 gazillion questions yet!! Ok dont be scared. lol
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