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When I was younger I had a cruciate ligament injury and an operation. It still causes problems now and again. Thing is when cycling and it plays up it can almost cause me to have to stop for up to 30 minutes at a time. Now I want a knee support that doesn't restrict movement to much and is comfortable. Any recommendations?

Fiona N

I'm not quite in the same situation as for me it's the medial ligaments which have been spliced a couple of times. I used to get occasional niggles on the recumbents and my (weird and eccentric) Swiss chiropractor gave me a pair of thin stretchy bands which you wrap around just below the knee cap. They're about 3cm deep, slightly rubbery on the back site and just velcro to fix. They're ideal for cycling as they don't get in the way of the knee bending and are really comfy.

They seem like they can't make any difference but miraculously they do - although you get a very wacky white stripe across your suntan. It might be worth investigating as I recall they weren't expensive (CHF20 - about a tenner at the time) but I've no idea what they're called or where (in the UK) they're available from. It might need a google.

Or you could try the very latest thing in kinesiology taping!
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