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I have a Trek 4500 with knobbly tyres but seem to have a problem with them.
Well not so much a problem but more the fact that they tend to really slow me down on the road, no matter how hard I peddle.
I spend alot of time on the road but also on canal paths so can anyone suggest any alternative tyres I can use to combat this?

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I fitted these

and they made a huge difference, although I also fitted slime inner tubes as I was worried about punctures!


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+1 on City Jets .

use them on my MTB hybrid and for the price they are a great tyre, i regularly ride along a cycle path covered in debris including glass and never had a problem ( shhh the p*****e fairy will hear ) .

Cut a fair few minutes off my time as well, If your riding on roads/cyclepaths you may try locking your front fork as well that will help a little bit .


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Makes a big difference. You can go slick, or semi slick - depending on how many trails etc.

I've used 1.5 inch semi slicks, and also 1.2 inch slicks on the mtb - the 1.5's would do some off road fine, the 1.2 were fast, but no off road.


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I use these at 75 psi to the rear and 70 psi to the front, good set of tyres for both road and off-road, also good in the wet and cornering speed.

I've only had one puncture in the year I've used them, due to a syringe needle embedded in the grove of the front tyre
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