Kona explosif Blue huddersfield


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I just had my bike stolen and am obviously gutted.
would you distribute a description to your friends so if any one sees it they could contact me etc

Dan Hughes

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The bike is a metallic blue kona explosif.
It was locked to the bike rack at the University and the cheeky S**t cut the chain and walked off with it.

The University security cunningly decided to point the CCTV camera away from the bike rack. thus making it possible for the thieves to steal at leisure. The police are not even slightly interested saying that it would take them several days to even fill in the crime report.

I am offering a cash reward for its return. This bike has huge personal significance to me and I cannot replace it.

Here are some pictures that will help identify the bike if it is spotted
The bike has SLX chainset with the decals rubbed off.
charge saddle
The bike differs from the pictures only in that the front wheel on the bike as it is now has been replaced with a black magura pro disk hub. Also there is a pannier rack on the rear. The bar ends are mismatched one straight one curved.
The Decals on the bike are somewhat scratched, intentionally by me- thinking to deter thieves who like things they can easily sell.
The pedals that were on it when it was stolen were cheapish flat pedals not spd shown here.

Look out for the pale blue stripe on the front tyre.
Thanks Dan


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Sorry mate and good luck - probably best to assume that you'll not see it again and begin the process of getting over it; although my 2 week old kona getting stolen in 1998 still makes me really pissedoff even to this day!

Get a D-lock
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