Kona stinky 2006-2007


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Was looking to purchase a downhiil, trail bike for a cheap price and came across a pretty nice Kona stinky I was wondering if it's worth the £300 asking price I can't find one cheaper anywhere and it's in pretty good condition, would this bike still be good today or would you say don't purchase a 13 year old bike lol
Had a Stinky some time back, nearly 20 years ago I think, same colour as that one also. Great bike, but total overkill for canal/river paths where I mostly cycled. Just fancied a full suss bike at the time, no other reason. Brakes were incredible - lightest touch was all you needed. It was a big leap in technology from my previous bike, a Saracen Sahara Elite. Only thing I'd say is it was a bit heavy, by modern standards I mean. Anyways, if the one shown is in good fettle, 300 beer tokens sounds about right :okay:


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Don't know anything about the stinky but do all the usual checks as you would with any bike, chain, head bearings, tyres (wear or cracking if original), spokes, wheel trueness, gear operation & selection, fork/damper operation, BB, brakes and pads, chainring wear etc, anything needing replacement or below par can be used as a bargaining chip.
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A suspension service and replacing a full set of pivot pivot bearings will cost about the same as you'd pay for that at an LBS. At that age I would assume it would be in need of it too, and it'll still be crap by modern bike standards.

Personally I'd look for a modern geometry hardtail
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