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"Within seconds a snow storm had blown in, a strong gusty wind buffeting the tent and every so often ‘whoosh’ as a build up of hail / snow slides down the tent, this continues on and off through the night whilst I lay awake, worrying about how deep the snow would get, few people new where we were, and only the ‘Lada lads’ had seen us on the trail, would it be too deep to even take the bike back down?"

A snippet from my latest blog-post, if you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it you'll have fun!


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I am really enjoying your blog, the photos are great.

What I particularly like is that you are using your bike to help you get to a place but there are no rules to say you can't hitch a ride or take a ferry. I also am impressed that you are meeting up with people who have the sense to decide ride by themselves if the pace doesn't suit them. It is far better than feeling resentment and killing each other in your sleeping bags.

It sounds like a great trip. Keep the blog going.
I see your now in Laos, I back-packed around there a few years ago, a great country isn't it with friendly people. Your story is a great read, keep it coming. ;-)
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