La Flèche Wallonne

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by Skip Madness, 20 Apr 2010.

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    Skip Madness

    Skip Madness New Member

    I did have Antón down as an outsider for yesterday owing to his victory at the Morredero at Castilla y León, but I still though the climbs were probably too short for him and that he wouldn't hang in on the really steep stuff, so he impressed me too.
  2. mangaman

    mangaman Guest

    I agree dmoan.

    I'd love to see Gilbert win L-B-L in his home region.

    I'm a great fan of his and he deserves a really big win and for a Walloon this would be the ultimate. I think he's got a chance as well. Riding OK at the moment.

    I love the spring classics though. So unpredictable and so dependent on whether you're in the right group at a key moment, punctures at the wrong time, weather etc. It's my favourite part of the cycling calendar.

    And not long to my 2nd favourite, the Giro ;)
  3. dmoan

    dmoan Veteran

    I love to watch Gilbert attack. You know it's gonna come at 8km to go, everyone else knows and he still does it! More incredibly, it has started to work for him!

    I love Sylvan Chananel's and Fabian Cancellera's attacks and Jens Voight's breakaways for the same reason. They should come as no suprise to anyone, but they sometimes pay off anyway!

    The Spring Classics are just the best. I look forward to Flanders week for the cobbled classics all winter and they never let me down (big, big Boonen fans in this house...). The hilly classics just extend that euphoria to a different set of riders.

    Sunday should be a cracking race - BBC weather forecasts 22 degrees C, sunny and little wind in Liege...
  4. Domestique

    Domestique Über Member

  5. jpembroke

    jpembroke New Member

    Indeed. 11-1 on Unibet for Evans. I dithered and decided against. Bummer.
  6. MikeBike

    MikeBike New Member

    Great result for the women - they deserve way more publicity!
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