Lacking inspiration for a new route/ride? I have just the thing ...


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Imagine you want to plot the shortest route between multiple points of interest. Now if those PoIs happen to be pubs with common names, you can stop right there because the team at The Pudding have done all the hard work for you. Their data visualisation allows you to choose from a list of common pub names and then plots on a map the shortest route between them (I guess it might need finessing to be cycle-friendly).

How far do you think your journey will be if you decide on a route linking the ten instances of 'Brass Monkey' for example? [Hint: it's into four figures and you'll need a ferry or two] Of course you're under no obligation to imbibe in each one [:cheers:], but if you did, you'd have a a good recovery stretch between one session and the next. Not so much if you pick 'Red Lion' however!


Is there an option just to link up from the nearest any-name pub to next any-name pub and so on ?
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