Ladies GT Laguna Stolen


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So upset, had my mountain bike stolen yesterday 13 May 2019. Happened in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester 3pm, was double locked with loads of other bikes. Away from it for no more than 30 minutes. Can’t believe it in such a busy place and loads of other bikes on the bike parking. People say just a bike but I was so attached to it! Only 9 months old, GT Laguna bright turquoise with black mesh basket on front, if anyone can help would be much appreciated.

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
Will keep my eyes peeled. I always take a keen interest in GT bikes.

Do you have any pictures?

Good luck.

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
Stock manufacturers photo.

Pammy, apart from the basket is there any other identifying features that will help differentiate your bike from another of the same model? What size was it? Any extra stickers from the supplier etc....

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