Ladies hybrid/traditional which brand?


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I am looking at replacing my bike which died this weekend. I use it mainly for commuting to work and around town, but occasionally do ride on tow paths. I would like a step through with gears but I do not mind how upright the bike is. I have a budget of around £200 but could increase slightly for a good, reliable model that will last.

Is there a particular brand at this price range that is reliable and robust?
Is buying off the internet a really bad idea?

I have been to a lot of LBS and they all seem to mostly be out of budget, although one has a pro bike, ridgeback and claud butler on offer and they are almost within price range.

Any help appreciated


I was right about that saddle
Hi there

My wife has a Claud butler urban 200, and it is made of good grade Aluminium, making it light. The 700c wheels with a decent tred tyre makes it practical on gravel and rougher surfaces. The gearing is really easy to use and the components are decent. The forsks are rigid (no suspension) which can make the ride a bit harsh and vibration annoying. You'd be looking to spend around £235 for a 2014 model. If you can spend a little more, you could get something with a suspension at the front - but this makes the bike heavier.


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next have just knocked another 15% off of last year's models, bringing some into your price range (Heritage and Streetfinder I think). I'd take a look if you've a branch near you.
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