Ladies Tdf race. *contains spoilers*

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Just like the gentlemen's one?


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I noticed it today and had no idea there was a womans race going on ! A few days ago they where talking about people turning up hours earlier to see the train before the race and people turned up to get free stuff from the sponsors . no mention at all about the womans race !


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Calls every year for a proper ladies tour, the UCI are not interested though.
There is a 10 day women's tour - the Giro Rosa. This year and last it contained some really good racing. There's also the women's ToB but the parcours is a bit weedy compared with the Giro Rosa. There's an upcoming tour being planned in Norway next year or the year after, I forget.

We need to stop obsessing about racing in France and support the women's races that do exist.


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I had a search for the Women's race on the ITV player - with nowt found ?
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