Lake Annecy (France)

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    We stayed in a caravan at a campsite at Doussard, which is just beyond the south end of the lake, in 2009. Conveniently located to watch the TDF time trial, which passed about 200m from the campsite entrance.


    The day before we were watching on the Col de la Colombier. Two days before that we went on a recce to look for a good vantage point near the bottom of the climb and I cycled back to the caravan over the col. Great fun.
    Compared to sustrans cycle farcilities french cycle tracks are fantastic. This is the one down the west side of Lake Annecy, along an old railway alignment.


    and it carried on to Faverges. (It may have been extended since.) Note the roadsign showing the cycletrack has priority at the crossroads.


    When in the car avoid the D1508 down the west side of the lake, it had a near permanent traffic jam.

    As for bike transport I remove the wheels, seatpost and pedals and put it in a roofbox, which will also take a lot of other junk packed around the frame. This does not hammer the fuel comsumption like having the bike on a roof rack and is much more secure when parked en route. It also fit (just) under the barrier at an underground car park in Annecy, which is just as well as I'd forgotten about it!
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  2. OP

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    East Sussex
    Sorry to necro an old thread.

    Times approaching for my Annecy trip, I did go ahead a purchase a bike carrier, it's been used often already taking the children to cycle paths etc, it's a Thule 943 I have got the lockable knobs for the frame clamps, and a decent length cable lock with kryptonite D-lock.

    We're staying in a welcome break/premier inn the night before the crossing and they said I can lock my bike in the conference room.

    Does anyone know of a site where I can download GPX files for my Garmin head unit? I recently upgraded to the 820 Edge as it was going cheaply
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    If you mean plan a route and convert it into a gpx file and load it on your Garmin I suggest as follows:

    1) Use
    2) Plan the route you want on there (there is a tab called "routeplanner")
    3) Once you're happy with the route, click "save"
    4) Then view your route in ridewithgps, there is a "download" option. The best format is usually .tcx. This will save it to your downloads file on your computer
    5) Connect your Garmin to your computer using the charging cable
    6) Computer will recognise Garmin as a "drive". Go to your downloads file, find the route file and click on it. Select "copy"
    7) Go to Garmin drive on your computer, go into "New Files". Click on it and select "paste"

    Job done
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    Crikey, I'd rather just buy a map, which shows me everything I need to see.
  5. OP

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    I looked at the site nicky suggested, you can view maps of the area and print them out as well.

    I just wanted a fall back to stop me getting too lost! haha I want to enjoy the bike and the scenery.
  6. nickyboy

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    Ah, I misunderstood what you wanted. Mapping for your Garmin device? This is the best place

    I followed what this guy said to get free downloadable maps for anywhere in the world
  7. OP

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    ahh I will take a look, the first site you listed you can make GPX and TCX file from the maps as well.
  8. nickyboy

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    Here's what I do when I go somewhere overseas and want to use my Garmin to do a preplanned ride

    First I download the relevant maps (for free) using the DCRainmaker instructions.
    Then I plot my ride using ridewithgps and load it onto the Garmin using the instructions I provided
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