Lake District Ultra running record broken by 6 hours


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This is an amazing achievement by Sabrina. Just fantastic what she’s managed to do, lob 6 hours off, not even a small margin.

The world of ultra running continues to astound.
Absolutely incredible that.

And tomorrow we have the Montane Spine race starting. Made easier in June than its January brother, there are three variants on the 2021 version. The main Classic Spine is the whole Pennine Way route of up to 268 miles to be completed within 6.5 days. The current record is 78.04 by Mark Denby while Sabrina holds the women's record of 81.19 in 2019.

The second option also begins like the Classic in Edale but finishes up just north of Hawes in N. Yorkshire while the mere Sprint begins in Edale but ends in Hebden Bridge.

I like to select one male and one female competitor in each of the Spine events and follow their progress via from which you can check on your selected runner and see how they're coping with the navigation, the weather conditions and darkness - although that's less of a problem in June than it is in January.
Ming the Merciless

Ming the Merciless

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Makes me tired just thinking about it.

And I'm a keen hillgoer.

Well done her.

Amazing performance.

Women seem to do really well at the ultra stuff don’t they….and to think it’s really not that long ago they weren’t allowed to run the marathon as the powers that be thought it was too much for them!
Held back in so many fields, for so long...

Its enough to make one quite cross :angel:
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