Land cruisers vs Conti CX speed


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Gravel/CX bike came with a pair of these which have done me well for the past year and a half. Work well on the road and I haven't died going off road yet.

They're getting a bit soft though, and have always been prone to punctures. Thinking of replacing them wth a pair of Landcruisers - 40mm on front, 35 on back (front annoyingly has more clearance than back).

LCs will let me go off road more and up the Pentlands with a bit more confidence, but problem is they're almost double the weight. I ride on road a lot. Some days I just explore and hit trails, others I do 30+ mile road rides. Other days I'm commuting through Edinburgh's shrapnel ridden streets.

I'm not the fittest bloke in the world and struggle with hills as it is. Will the extra weight make a huge difference? I'm not fussed about gaining weight on the bike if I lose weight from my arse!

Anyone got any recent comments about the LCs on tarmac and their puncture protection? Does going for them seem like a good idea? Was gonna go for the G-Ones or X-Ones but I'm no racer, and the LCs are cheap and seem pretty bulletproof.


I have a pair of LC and I can't remember having a puncture, there are very good but the marathon plus are better,

Will notice the weight increase, but that's the price you pay,


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I've used LC's for best part of 8000 miles on my commuter over the past 2 years. The newer ones are a different pattern, heavier but more resistant to the P fairy. I've just switched the front to a Marathon Plus 'Greenguard' which has plenty of tread for riding the towpaths and muddy bits, whilst being good on road. Nearly half the weight of the LC's too. Pleased with it so far after 1300 miles


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I have a set on my cycle cross/commute bike, Tricross s/s bike, cant fault then.

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Not used the LC's but can vouch for the marathon plus I've not had any punctures (Yet!) Do me fine for the commute to work and rides off road on the Tpt etc.


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I've got Landcruisers on my CAADX they roll well on the road and are good off. Really cheap as well. Not the lightest but they are definitely tough. A lot of people use them in the Three Peaks CX race.
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