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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by Paulus, 17 Jan 2008.

  1. Paulus

    Paulus Started young, and still going.

    Hi there, this years project is from the above to london. I have not got the time to do the full LEJOG. So I thought about LE to where I live. It's about 400 miles ish and I think I could do the trip in about eight days. I would be using various Sustrans routes, but has anyone a decent route from Bath back to London. I would like to stay away from the main the A4. Ideas please.
  2. Interested to hear what people say as I am going to do LE to my house in Lutterworth this year. What route are you taking to Bath?
  3. User482

    User482 Guest

    Sustrans NCN 4 could be an option - it goes from Wales to London, via Bath. Don't know what the quality of the path is like tho'. Or take a mountain bike and go along the Ridgeway?

    That said, I've ridden from Bristol to London a couple of times, and never found the A4 too busy until Newbury and beyond.
  4. OP

    Paulus Started young, and still going.

    Hi kirstie, i thought I would more or less use the Cornish Way which is Sustrans route 3, and then the west country way route to Bath. From LE it is more or less along the north Cornwall coast to Padstow and then through Bude, Barnstable, over Exmoor, Tiverton, Taunton, Bridgewater, Glastonbury, Wells and then turn left towards Bath. In a nutshell that is the rough route.
  5. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    You're gonna love hills by then!

    Using Sustrans did Ilfracombe to Bude then headed down towards Bodmin skirting the moors as a 1 day ride and gave-up somewhere near Camelford...
    We all agreed that the Sustran route was mostly crap, OK many car-free-ish roads but many single track, gravel strewn, high-hedged and roller-coaster like.
    Major problem is having climbed a steep bastard you were on the brakes all the way down the next as you could not coast and rest or maintain the bottom it was a standing start again to go up. Some of the route near Bude was up and down over 25% cliff hills and a steep pull out of Woolacombe heading south too!. Some of the route from Ilfracombe to Barnstaple was on a dull inland hedged road where the coast road is OK to cycle and has glorious views.
    We gave-up due to boredom mostly! Devon and Cornwall has tremendous scenery (I mis-spent my youth there), but I would get an OS map and look at that real hard!
    I can say that...
    The Newquay to Padstow N. Coast road is a magnificent ride, up and down but fantastic going with great scenery...beware the hairpin at the bottom of Watergate bay.
    The Camel trail is great.
    The roads over the top of Bodmin moor going past Crowdy reservoir are good too.
    The Tarka trail is good on a road-bike as well.
  6. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    And a superb one, lots of views, hills, moors and fun!
  7. Oh yeah I actually did some of that last weekend (see my Dorset thread). It's alright actually...
  8. carlpie

    carlpie New Member

    London to Lands End

    Hey Paulus and all out there

    Did you manage to find a route LE to Ldn you'd recommend? I'm planning on doing Ldn to LE this Easter just for something to do.

    Some chap talking about the A30 - any thoughts welcome.
  9. rikgrimsby

    rikgrimsby New Member

    i am doing lands end to john o'groates next year.i aim to do it in 7/14 days.really looking forward to it
  10. carlpie

    carlpie New Member

    Yep, that's the next big one once I get this done. It's there, so it must be done.
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