best way to reheat lasagne

  • in the proper oven

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  • in the microwave

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Slam it in the m/w for a couple of minutes and kick back on the sofa with a few beers. Life's too short.
alecstilleyedye said:
how do i cook those?

Here, put the lasagne in the oven and read this :smile: or this URl which is not half as exciting as it looks.


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You haven't given us enough information to make a properly informed decision: home-made/bought, meat/vegetable... come on man! :biggrin:

Actually my vote goes for oven cook (especially if the tray is metal :smile:).


Fab Foodie said:
Too late I'm sure...but I'd have nuked-it to heat through and then put it under the grill to crisp-off the top.

Same here. Putting it back in the oven may dry it out, but nuke it in the micro then sprinkle some more cheese on top and grill it.


Deffo m/w it. If you stick in the conventional oven, your crust wil turn into a sheet of plastic and be totally inedible.
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