Late christmas gift ideas wanted.


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Cheshire is now 07.25 Christmas day. Just realised I forgot to buy a present for MrsD.
What can I do ?????
Any suggestions welcome.


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@Dave7 put some wrapping paper around yourself and give her the best present ever... You ^_^


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Surely a garage will be open:

windscreen wipers always come in handy, as does antifreeze, a magic tree, etc.


All you can really do is hang your head in shame and throw yourself at her mercy and hope for the best. :eek:

Due to Covid and a house move, we decided to give Christmas a miss this year but in a moment of clarity I realised that that didn't really mean the presents, so nipped into town for a few and I'm glad I did. :angel:

I know it doesn't help but it's a bit of a school boy error forgetting the basics. :tongue:
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