Latest Social Distancing *Rules (13 May 2020) - *"Guidelines"

When this all started we obviously stopped all club rides but what we did do is publish well know club routes and members went out and rode that route on the same day but at different times some very early some very late, anyway come this new guideline we did the same last weekend however two of the club rode together but SD and I rode solo, as it turned out this time I met them on the start so we rode one up the road out of sight completely and one back down the road also out of sight, I consider that very socially distanced and responsible, not so sure about the 2M when riding as people have said.

now as for everyone else well they clearly just treated the change as a green light, it was insane car parks full all the verges parked on with picnics galore

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is that really a significant number of the population.
0.25% > 2.5% is a million people difference. A large number but probably not 'significant'. The spread will hopefully be kept down by heightened awareness of the risk and sensible practice (and urban areas are always going to be 'worst' for a variety of reasons (rural perspective)) and less people infected, themselves infecting less than one person.


Here in Wales the rules are still the same: 2 metres social distances for every day occasion and 10 metres apart for cyclists. I am pleased to say that these rules are still respected, in my area at least but some English tourist t**ts still think they can come here for relaxation, they CAN'T, Wales is still closed to tourism.
I seriously hope that isn’t going to be the sentiment towards us English, who pour money into your economy through tourism, when this is all over? I fully get that there are morons who cannot abide by rules, but I’m getting increasingly sick of social media posts that are are calling all English tourists a number of rude words. We’ve had a caravan up in North Wales, for 5 years and very much enjoy coming up there. I hope that isn’t going to be something from the past.


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I ride into Wales frequently (not now, obviously) as I live on Wirral. The money I spend on a cafe stop is discretionary on either side of the border.
People might start making decisions based on the vitriol we're seeing now and keep to them for a very long time.
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