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Got totally drookit last night going home. Was dry until 4 miles from home. I could see both the edge of the cloud and what I was heading for. Jacket and overshoes were in my bag as it was warm, hadn’t even put the waterproof scrotum over my bag. Eventually stopped at the tolls on the Forth Road Bridge to pull that on but I was already wet through so decided no jacket and no overshoes. The shower I got caught in was laughing heavy – that sort you just piss yourself in cos it’s so ridiculous. Was “fun” coming off the north end of the bridge at 50kph and not being able to see a thing due to water and steamed up shades! Got home looking like Gollum.;)

I guess that's one of my "12" ahem soakings of the year.

Anyone else get soaked yesterday?


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it rained yesterday?

all the way in today but only regular rain, it was heavy up till so 5 minutes before I set off so nice

shorts shirt and lightweight showerproof, as ever got damp and enjoyed myself

need something for the feet though, wet feet ain't no fun


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Hairy Jock said:
Stayed dry all day... might cop it this evening on the way home by the looks of things.
Nope got home in the dry too, its raining now though...;)


the R fairy stuffed me good and proper on the way home you'll be thrilled to hear

left work late so pouring rain and quite gloomy too for extra fun, wringing wet but still good fun, I like wet roads, back felt a bit wobbly though, touch of a slow puncture, whizzed along nicely, tyres hissing along in the wet, nice


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Looked out of my front door at 6.20 this a.m....lovely! So no rain gear...

10 mins into my journey the R fairy struck and absolutley p1ssed down on me.

But don't worry, the minute i got to work it stopped and it is now nice and sunny...grrrr
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