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as someone who is riding in the winter for the fist time can anyone tell me what layers i need. i wear a base layer and a windproof jacket what mid layer do i need. i have a rain jacket


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I currently wear a merino base layer, short sleeved top over that, DHB jacket over that, and then top it off with a shower proof thin running jacket over that.

The secret is lots of thin layers

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My advice is don't get too hung up about achieving climatic perfection.

Inevitably, you will be cold to start with, a bit too hot when you get going, and clammy cold when you stop - all to a greater or lesser extent.

I think we've all spent lots of money on items of clothing which are supposed to achieve everything, but never do.

So stick to layering, and don't believe what it says on the label.


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I'm in the same boat and I have just bought a Goretec Phantom 2.0 which I plan to wear over a merino base layer. I'm on the lookout for a waterproof packable jacket now for when it rains.


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What works for me in this weather (2/3C) is:
If it's nearing 10C, then I would lose the Jersey or Jacket, depending on wind conditions.

When I was new to cycling last year, in what was a warmer winter, I only wore the above base layer and a heavier MuddyFox jacket - not very breathable but I never felt a chill or too uncomfortable, even on 3 hour rides.

I leave slightly cold; after about 15 minutes I am pretty warm and on hills rather hot! I am warmer if I also wear a buff around my neck to trap the heat.

The links above are just for reference, the Wiggle ones certainly are no longer for sale.

Avoid Cotton and keep to man made fibres in layers.
This too! Yesterday I did a 10 mile ride in a cotton tee shirt, as I was just test riding my hybrid bike after fettling with the gears, and it's the first ride I ever felt a chill. (I also forgot any padded shorts, but that's a different story).
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Baselayer (merino), jersey (thickness depends on temp), altura jacket for me, two pairs of tights (or 3/4 under tights) (padded and altura winter cruisers), buff, warm gloves, skullcap / earband under helmet

I feel and hate the cold, and don't move so fast in the winter


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At this time of year I wear a man made base layer.........a short sleeved T shirt and a pair of shorts.
Mind this time of year you will only see me on my excercise bike in the spair room:giggle:
I take my hat off to anyone that does "real" cycling in this weather.


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I find a base layer and a soft shell enough provided you keep moving. A bit chilly for the first 10 minutes maybe but after that it's fine unless you stop for any length of time, especially when it's windy.


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I make the same mistake time and time again. I wear my base layer, a cycling Jersey and then a jacket with long leggings, but instantly regret it as I always run (cycle) hot. I reckon I could probably get away with a long sleeve Jersey with a small fold up jacket in my back pocket just incase


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Since it has dipped below five degrees I have been wearing my icebreaker merino baser layer and Castelli Espresso jacket. If it is above five degrees I would go will the same baselayer and LS windproof Jersey. I have got a castelli Alpha jersey for this season and it is sublime. I also have Transperante Due Jersey which I would wear at slightly higher temps than the Alpha due to the sleeves not being windproof.

If it isn't hot you'll find me in merino, personally I find it leagues above man made stuff.

I guess I am a merino and Castelli kind of guy.

Cycle Surgery has the icebreaker Oasis tops at c. 40% off, so I snapped up a couple, rare to find any decent discount on them, so worth taking full advantage.


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thermal compression top long sleeved, bib shorts, knee warmers, another winter jersey/jacket over that and if really nippy will wear a gilet. No water proof jacket nonsense as they just don`t do the job IMO unless spending plenty. Oh and all my stuff is out of Aldi apart from the shorts, works good for me and I do plenty comuting miles.
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