LCC Climate strike ride


Richmond ,Surrey
went along for this, pretty good turnout all in all , and the London drivers were very courteous no ranting and abusing ‘ nice big boom box being towed was pretty good to ride behind , after that I peddled upto Greys Inn Road to have a look at Condor Cycles , nothing to exiting there but a bit exxy I thought, now still on Gi Rd , actually found a cafe that sells nice omelet with spinach , and very reasonable at £3.00 !

meta lon

Bloody cyclist's... :smile:


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next


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The Oval Office
And when they got home every last man jack of them sold all their unnecessary electrical devices and their cars.


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There possible won't be anyone there though?
Our Agroecological Farmers Union had a 'Meet and Greet (and inform) the MPs' gig at Westminster yesterday.

Lots of MPs turned up in the end, *maybe cos there wasn't any of the usual bear pit, argie bargie going on in The Commons..

*And poss, because someone had tweeted out a pic, of the fantastic lunch being laid on for them too.. :angel:
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