Least Favourite Advert


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Whichever one's on when I happen to be looking at the TV. :smile:


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As I mentioned elsewhere earlier today - I refuse to watch TV advertising. If there is anything I want to watch on commercial TV, I record it and skip the ads.

Eurosport Player streaming features unskippable ads so I mute the sound for them.


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If ever there was an add that would put me off buying or using a product this one is the one that would stop me

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ643U7ccpM

Which is your least favourite add
Amusing until you get to Sharon


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But if you noted the exact wording I used - I SKIP ads, I do not FAST FORWARD through them! :thumbsup:

I have controls on my remote control which let me step 30 seconds or 2 minutes at a time forwards or backwards.

Advertising generally seems to be sold in 30 second chunks so I skip forwards 2 * 2 minutes. If I end up in the programme, I step back 30 seconds at a time until I hit the start of that part of it. If I am still in an ad, I only see it for an instant and then skip forwards in 30 second steps until the ads are done.

Most breaks now seem to be 3-5 minutes. Some are shorter, such as during the Channel 4 news or at times when there are not going to be many viewers so most advertisers are probably not interested.
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