Left hook.....miss fortunately..

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by fossyant, 6 May 2010.

  1. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
  2. gaz

    gaz Cycle Camera TV

    South Croydon
  3. Crankarm

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    It was a Mini, any wonder :blush:?
  4. HaloJ

    HaloJ Rabid cycle nut

    Big cars those.

    Glad your ok that was uncomfortably close for watching a reply of. I didn't get a recording of mine this evening but I was warned of the left hook by the passenger screaming "no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO!" Made worse by the fact that the driver knew I was there as he let me pass after pulling into the other lane and stopping whilst coming out of a junction on my right. He then gunned it past and cut across me. On a plus note though, the driver indicated. :blush:
  5. hackbike 666

    hackbike 666 Guest

    Get a lot of that.....why do they overtake you like that and think it's so effing clever?

    Why not just hang behind?
  6. guitarpete247

    guitarpete247 Just about surviving

    Glad to see you held your ground and are OK. I had a similar situation years ago. Car overtook me and did pull in tp left turn. He took me with him as I was level with his rear wheel as he turned in front of me in the wet, so I couldn't brake.
    As he got round the corner he accelerated away and left me sprawled in the road and was helped up by ped. I'm sure I scratched his car as I was dragged round corner and slid down his rear wing:biggrin:.
  7. Jaguar

    Jaguar New Member

    Some are surprised that a cyclist is still a moving object once they pass it

    Some are surprised to see cyclists at all
  8. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
    Woah! Glad they stopped for you Fossy!!
  9. NigC

    NigC New Member

    I'm sure a fair few of these are due to the driver not fully knowing their route and suddenly finding the turning they're looking for just after passing a cyclist. The immediate reaction then being: ooh-quick-turn-argh-shoot-cyclist.

    Again, this is no excuse for what is very poor driving, that could easily put a cyclist in hospital or worse.
  10. AndyCarolan

    AndyCarolan Do you smell fudge?

    yup, that looked like a close one :S

    Arent there laws about parking in cycle lanes? if not, there really needs to be :evil:
  11. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
    I don't care if drivers park in a cycle lane. I'd rather not have the cycle lanes - they only make it worse for us all.
  12. GrasB

    GrasB Veteran

    Nr Cambridge
    That was way to close for comfort!
  13. manalog

    manalog Über Member

    Whoaaa, very close. Im beginning to notice the new Minis doing something stupid like this. Glad you're OK.
  14. sheva

    sheva Well-Known Member

    made me laugh :evil:
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