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    Hi- I too prefer the idea of travelling from North to South... For me it's because I prefer the idea of finishing in a warmer climate...and as I am not really concerned about prevailing winds and the science etc....I am toying with the idea of giving it a blast! It will have to wait until next year tho...as I've just returned from cycling in Italy with a busted wrist :sad:. I have to say..there are some really encouraging posts here though ;)
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    East Devon
    How's the planning going @Kosong ?
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    If you are spending some time in Scotland and are camping, May is usually pre midge season. Midges in Scotland, along with the never ending rain are terrible! May often has more periods of decent weather, unlike the constant rain storms in the summer. I have been to Scotland about eight or nine times in "summer" and with one exception have had dreadful weather. In contrast trips in May have had much better weather and no midges.
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    Just another little factor to chuck into your consideration is that far and away the hardest cycling on an end to end is through Devon and Cornwall. Honestly, the hills of Scotland are nothing compared with the continual up and down in the South West. So, if you're carrying all your own kit (if you aren't, you're cheating, and I'll be asking you to go back and do the thing properly) you might ask yourself whether you want to get all the climbing out of the way at the start, or whether you feel you'll be fighting fit and ready for the challenge at the end of the ride. We did Lejog.

    Oh, and there are no vegetables in Scotland whatsoever (other than potatoes), so if you want awful food at the start of your ride or the end, you can work that into your calculations ;) :smile: .
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