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    End July Im going to do LEJOG, planning to try and do it in 10days. In a few weeks time im going to purchasing my machine however its not a road bike its very much a fast XC machine, thats my usual style of riding, the bike purchased will either be a 'Marin Eldridge Grade' or a 'Gary Fisher Big Sur'.

    1st Question, I dont think either of the bikes im looking at have pannier fitments, are there universal fitments or universal pannier racks on the market that can ensure good attachement to any style of bike and suspension fork?

    2nd question, Has anyone got any tips or route ideas or just just general advice on doing LEJOG, im going to try and do it top to bottom but again im not sure on the logistics of this ... any advice or ideas or just general knowledge on LEJOG would be awesomely appreciated.


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    Others will be along with advice I'm sure, but 10 days on an MTB is a demanding schedule, as you're looking at at least 90 miles a day. I really would recommend you either take a few more days (why not enjoy the scenery?) or buy a bike that would be better suited to fast road riding.
    I took 12 days on a light touring bike, which worked out to aprox 75 miles a day. Just right in my view - plenty of time for stops and evenings in the pub, but a decent mileage each day too.
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    I took 11 riding days on a quite laden Galaxy, I did it camping and un-supported. I think that whatever bike you pick for the doing the journey, make sure it's really comfy. Also, if you are carrying stuff, will the bikes you have mentioned be OK with racks and barbags and stuff.

    Enjoy the trip though, I'm sure you'll have cracking weather:smile:
  4. vernon

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    Meanwood, Leeds
    Answer 1.

    Ask the dealers selling the bikes for their rack recommendations. If they want to sell the bikes, they'll come up with the answers. You might like to have a look at the Carradice web site as I think they have racks that will fit some mountain bikes that do not have rack fittings. The solution is a compromise - you are better off with a bike that is designed to accept racks front and rear.

    Answer 2

    There's plenty of advice contained within the website:

    You'll find that there is no definitive route. Everyone has their own ideas of what's best.

    Having done it in both directions I found that there was very little difference int he quality of the experiences. Just make sure that you have your bike booked onto any train that you use that is scheduled to make an arrival/departure to/from Wick/Thurso. No bike booking - no admittance of bike to train - no negotiation possible usually.

    Happy reading
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    Zurich Switzerland
    You can fit a standard pannier to pretty much any bike without rear suspension with "p-clips". Be sure to protect your frame though - old bar tape is best.

    Fitting road tyres is an absolute must, I'd recommend panaracer paselas in 26" - these will save you about 600g or rotating weight, which seriously will improve the bike onroad.

    I'd also consider a buying cheap steel rigid fork, even if it's just for this one journey (about £20-30). You'll save a whole kg of weight and you'll massively improve the on-road handling and braking, well worth it for loaded touring.
  6. Good luck with it. Not done it myself but am looking at the idea for late summer this year. The test will be the Norwich 100. IF I can get on the bike the next day and do a few miles then I think I will be up to it.

    I have done some holiday touring in the past and am amazed at the way people on CC agonise over attching some kit to a bike. We just got bile racks (standard jobs and tied on rucksacks) it is not rocket science.
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    Hi, I think this thread is dead now, but just for future reference (for people like me searching for this information):

    Flybe (flybe.com) do flights to Wick from Birmingham, Belfast, Southampton, and Edinburgh (and vice versa).

    Can be booked for as little as £25 plus £22.50 for the bike.

    Wick to JOG is about 15 miles.

    Hope this is of some use :biggrin:
  8. Check for heel clearance if you are putting panniers on an MTB...
  9. e-rider

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    South West
    Tubus make universal fittings for racks that fit to the rear drop out and QR (the advice about p-clips is crap - they can be used for mudguards or for the top fixture of a rack but not the lower fixing which carries the weight)
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