Les Fadas du Puy Mary - anyone done it?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by MasterDabber, 13 Mar 2018.

  1. MasterDabber

    MasterDabber Well-Known Member

    Anyone done the Les Fadas du Puy Mary?

    Not too far away from where I spend a quite a bit of time in France and it's sort of tempting. The Grand Fada is 157km and 3255 metres climbing but shorter versions also available.
    Plus you can add on another 22km and 765m climbing totaling 179km and 4020m climbing by doing another couple of climbs ... this is called Le Défi du Cantal.

    It's an area where my French riding buddy has been suggesting we go ride for a while. Beautiful scenery with the extinct volcanoes. Just interested in anyone who has done it experiences.
  2. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    I'm sure it'll be stunning and the roads superb. Why hesitate?
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  3. Aravis

    Aravis No Regret

    The north-eastern approach to the Pas de Peyrol, from a colour slide taken in July 1986:


    It's not me unfortunately. Until I scanned it I assumed it was, but I never wore La Vie Claire kit.
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  4. OP

    MasterDabber Well-Known Member

    It's just a case of sorting out the timing as I hope to spend around a week in the Pyrenees as well. The good thing about the Cantal is that if I really wanted to I could drive over there and do one climb - Peyrol - (maybe two) of the climbs and get back without an overnight stay. If I have a go at Les Fadas I'd need to stay in the area the night before and make an early start.

    Thanks for the photo.
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