Lets start a conspiracy theory

The aliens have swiped all the planes.....


Seriously - the Icelanders who have seen their economy shafted completely have been secretly plotting their revenge.

The volcano eruption, when you slow it down, seems to show evidence of explosions. As if the timing of the eruption was deliberate. Several CIA operatives were in Iceland this spring although their purpose has never been explained.

The "eruption" occured during an unbelievably stable weather system over Europe - we've hardly had a breath of wind and loads of sun.

By eliminating European flying, the world's political events have been devoid of Europeans. Aliens have hijacked Obama's brain, I believe. (And I have evidence although I can't share it with anyone)

He has orchestrated this whole thing, with the Icelandic PM and possibly with a mysterious chap I saw on a grassy knoll near the vollcano site :laugh:


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
Pah! All that footage was just a scale model filmed at a secret location in Arizona.
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