Leveling a Brookes with a spirit level

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I know that the saddle is 'supposed' to be level and that cyclist often use a spirit level to do this. I have a Brookes saddle which isnt flat across the top itself...so my question is, where do i place the spirit level on a brookes to get the correct position?

If i place it on the front part (pointy bit) i get a totally different reading to when i place it on the wider bit (arse part)....which is correct?

Use a 'builders' level; lay it along the saddle front-back -- that'll be close enough.

or write a new label 'here (c)' where your sit bones go and level A - C.

Or stand a teacup saucer on the bit where your bum goes, pour some water in the saucer and adjust saddle until water is level.

btw do make sure the ground is level before you start.:rolleyes:


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Never bothered with one my self

There are that many different saddle profiles, brooks must change in shape as they wear in as well

If it looks right

It probably is right

As the old engineering maxim goes...


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yes it feels a little better....I am inclined to shift my backside rearwards a lot less as the saddle was down at the front. I havent been out today (rest day) but will terst it out on a long ride tomorrow


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You could just look at it against a background of something horizontal.

Mine's a good bit up at the nose, has to be , the shape it's gone into. And I find if I tuck in my stomach muscles (it becomes unconsciuous) slightly it keeps my tubes from crushing and keeps a bit of weight off the bars. Probably good for the six-pack too.


Trial and error. Take an allen key* out with you, next time you go on a leisurely ride, and get ready for a few stops for adjustments... if it feels right, you've probably got it right. Everyone is different.

*in fact, you should always have a set of allen keys with you on the ride, anyway...


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
...the test tomorrow will be (as always) the degree to which i can feel my nutz after a ride

If you're not a lithe whippet, I'd be wary about putting 299 stones on a little horse saddle.

Get a plastic cutaway specialised job, the BG ones, i have one and it, er, doesn't worry me so much in that department

BTFB, you are here for a reason, and that is to reproduce, I don't know why I just reedited and said that btw
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