Lezyne Micro Floor HPG


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Just picked this up from Halfords (20% off, so £30.23) and wanted to post how impressed with this tiny engineering marvel.

I love buying quality, well-designed gear. Buy well, buy once is my motto. I don't like pumps that connect direct to the valve. I have been carrying around the much larger Topeak Turbo Morph for a while and it IS a great pump capable of reaching 120psi without too much difficulty and with a very usable guage. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the handle (which folds out to make a T shape) and the body of the pump catch my hand. Maybe I have big hands, but I found it annoying.

The Lezyne has a really good long hose, with the guage embedded in it. Kinda hard to read when it's near the floor but the 120 mark is the last mark before the "Lezyne" so it's easy in use. Despite it being so light and small, it reached 100 psi easily (before I noticed) and 120 followed not long after. Pushing against the floor makes it light work, stand on the fold-out peg to keep the base in place.

First impressions - this is the last pump I ever buy.


A great pump. I bought one about two months ago and am very happy with it. Gauge is a little difficult to read as you mention and tends to stall and then leap after several strokes but it does the job with almost as much ease as my track pump. Valve system very handy too. I did worry that the pump would rattle on the bike when ridden given its size, but it come with a very sturdy and surprisingly robust mount and strap. Might look into spare mounts for my other bike. A very nice piece of kit and my first Lezyne pump too. Enjoy. Gez
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