LG TV flickering

we have a 26" LG lcd tv and when we turn the TV on in the morning the picture starts black and then gets vertical green lines, and then they get brighter and brighter, then we get a picture but it flickers constantly for upto 1 hour so far.

does anyone know what it is, or is it a new TV time, the TV has only lasted just under 4 years.


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Does it do it with any feed? Eg DVD, sky etc


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Have you got this on all inputs/sources? I'd be trying to see whether it appeared on all inputs and cables.
It could be a range of things. As you asked the question I guess you're not the sort of person who's happy to probe around the boards armed with a circuit diagram and some test equipment. Unless you've got a mate who could check it out for you, or if you have a good relationship with a repair shop, I would guess it isn't economical to get it repaired.


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Upgrade needed. 42"

Says me on a old CRT Flatscreen of 28"


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Upgrade needed. 42"

Says me on a old CRT Flatscreen of 28"

nowt wrong with CRT better for fast action sports than Plasma LED or LCD . just a pity that geting HD into them is such a faff.

LG have several issues wih signal boards and power boards , the main one is the power LED flashing while nothing happens.

it might be worth a try with LG that it could be reasonably expected for a TV to last longer than 4 years. don't hold your breath though
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